The Most Important Book I Read Last Year
January 9, 2008, 2:06 pm
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As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to mention the MVP book for me last year. It isn’t a new book (published in 1991), but it’s been a game changer for many, including me. It’s David Bosch’s Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission. transforming mission

It’s long, thick, and intense at times, but really good. Many of our current crop of popular authors and speakers that use the term missio Dei have either directly or indirectly gotten their foundations in what Bosch wrote. He thoroughly defines and locates mission as the activity of God, rather than merely an assignment that God gives us to fulfill. It involves understanding culture, and working within it – as opposed to working against it or even attempting to manipulate it. This, and the work of Lesslie Newbigin have gone a long way in helping us figure out both who we are in God, and how to incarnate Jesus in our world. While I only just read this book about this time last year, I could tell how much it had already influenced my thinking via other writers and friends.

Based on this book, I would argue that seminaries would do much better to re-focus their curricula around missiology in this vein than to require a couple years of biblical language studies. I know some would disagree strongly with me on this, but honestly, what good is it to learn dead languages if you’re not able to communicate the Kingdom message in the language of the culture you live in? This book should be on every seminary student’s no-brainer-read-it-or-else list.


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i keep going back to transforming mission. too much for one sitting. and never the same book

newbiggin is good also. i have about 7 of his books but proper confidence seems to be most relevant these days.

nice to catch up with you again on email.

Comment by andrew jones

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