Peyton Manning Deserved To Lose
January 14, 2008, 10:35 am
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O.k., three quick things about me:  1. I’m a low-grade NFL geek (not the kind that memorizes statistics or plays in fantasy leagues), 2. I’m a San Diego Chargers fan,  3.  I suck at trash talking, so I don’t do it.

With the above things as my givens, I’m obviously quite pleased about the Chargers’ upset victory over the Colts, in a gutsy performance.  However, I’m quite certain that Colts fans have one thing to blame:  No, no, not the great play of backups when the Chargers’ star players went down.  Not the cool-under-pressure presence of Phillip Rivers.  Not the ridiculous interception that Eric Weddle made, or the one Antonio Cromartie ran back for what should have been ruled a touchdown.

Peyton Manning lost the game for the Colts.  Look, the guy is legendary.  One of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.  He made some mistakes during the game, sure.  But it was a pre-game decision that set off a disturbance in the universe . . . the decision to make one too many television commercials.  Did you see that cookie ad with his brother in it (I won’t name said cookie here, lest they get free publicity off of me)?  WHAT WAS THAT???!!!  As if we weren’t already over-saturated with his boyish mug, selling televisions, cell phones, credit cards, blah blah blah.  He had to go and make that one fateful commercial.  I think they must have played that commercial in the RCA Dome, and the offensive linemen got really confused as to how their field general could stoop so low, and as a result, missed some blocking assignments, causing Peyton to get hit while trying to throw on 4th down at the 7 yard line with the game ready to be won.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  So there you have it – the real reason the Chargers beat the Colts.  Now I am left to hope and pray that Tom Brady is set to appear in a sequel to the cookie debacle.


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Hey Steve-
Love the thoughts on the game. Although I didn’t watch it, I can agree with your arguement. Hope all is well w/ you & things going down @ the Purple Door. I’m about to visit the inter::mission website and see what’s happening…God bless you, man!

Comment by Melissa Chappell

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