I almost didn’t notice that football season is over
January 28, 2008, 12:20 am
Filed under: football

I went through the whole weekend without any symptoms of withdrawal from the NFL season, which I suppose is a good thing.  I know, I know, there’s still one more game left.  But let’s just say I’m underwhelmed.  I know that the Patriots have a chance at making sports history here.  But quite frankly, I AM OVER the Boston vs. New York sports rivalry.  Like we don’t get enough of that kind of hype all year in baseball?  I know that the TV networks are loving this matchup for the ratings, but I have my serious doubts that anyone west of Dallas really cares much about this game.  I am quite certain that I’ll be watching the game next weekend, but I’ll definitely be more interested in the commercials than the game itself.  And for those sports haters who have been punished by my writing about all this, be assured that this will likely be my last sports post for a long, long time.

There, I feel cleansed.


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Well, it’s only about two months till the draft and then about three months after that before training camp starts and then we’re right back into it again 🙂 I guess baseball and basketball will just have to tide everyone over until then…

Comment by Michael

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