On honesty and wisdom
February 26, 2008, 9:31 am
Filed under: blogging, college ministry

I was talking with one of my team members yesterday about the nature of blogging and being wise with saying (or not saying) things that will get us into trouble.  We talked about authenticity in our communities of faith, and the tension that “professional Christians,” i.e. church staff types feel.  I told her that I decided a long time ago that I’m willing to get fired, as long as it’s for something good.

For one small example, though I will occasionally write a venting kind of post on the ‘ol blog here, and say some things I might regret later, I’m pretty careful not to interject profanity.  Let me be perfectly transparent with you, dear reader: words that many would consider offensive do escape my lips from time to time . . . but committing those gems to writing and publishing on the web: a) is unnecessary (for me), b) is unhelpful (for me), c) has gotten people fired more than once. This does not qualify for my criteria of good things to get fired for.

On the other hand, I do think there’s value in saying provocative things on my blog.  It’s why I’ve claimed to not be Trinitarian, or even Christian.**  Stirring the pot a little is a good thing.

So where’s the harmony between being provocative but wise, and just being dumb?  It’s a tough one to discern at times.  But ultimately I know that the fruit of my actual life will bear out both the wisdom and stupidity of who I am.  This blog is one aspect of my life, but Godhelpme, it ain’t the whole thing.  I honor (or not) the Holy Spirit in my life by how I trust and follow, rather than simply what I write.  I’ve never met some of you out there – probably never will, in some cases.  All you have to go on is what I write.  Sorry about that . . . because sometimes I’m a jerk here.  I hope I provide some encouragement along the way, too, though.

**Disclaimer for those of you too lazy to follow the links I’ve included: I do, in fact, believe in the Trinity, and I do, in fact organize my life around following Jesus.  See there?  I’m being provocative . . . but hopefully wise, too.  Although, having to go on and on explaining myself in a footnote disclaimer feels silly, lame, and decidedly un-fun.  Plus it takes all the punch out of saying the provocative thing, right?  This is why I lack that certain something which would qualify me to work at The Onion.  Before too long, this disclaimer is going to be longer than the actual blog post, so I’ll shut up now.  Peace and giggles, friends.


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