Blogging the New Conspirators, part 3
February 29, 2008, 1:36 pm
Filed under: conference, Global South

Just finished lunch. Attended a workshop on some missional movements going on in Latin America. Very, very exciting stuff. I’m really stoked that much of the renewal of the theology and expressions of church is getting outside of the Western world. Go check out La Red del Camino. I’m really hoping/counting on there being an mp3 of that session available – I’ll post it here, if so.

I’m off now to an afternoon workshop – “Creating Support Groups for Jesus Radicals,” led by Mark Van Steenwyk.


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Perhaps it’s a push to request this, but what are the sound bytes you are hearing that give you the “aha moments” or make you think “That’s a ‘meal’ of thought I can’t consume right now, I have to jot that down to come back and chew on later”?

living vicariously – and nagging at the same time :).

Comment by Jeremy

Fair enough. Here’s a good one from the session on the movements in Latin America – not a quote, but a soundbite:

“As Christians, we’re called to be salt and light. The Church has spent millions and millions of dollars building really great saltshakers. They’re big, and comfortable, and look great. But that keeps the salt all collected up in one place, rather than spread out in the world, where the salt is needed.”

Thanks for the suggestion – it helps me think about how to make better use of this blogging the conference effort.

Comment by steve lewis


Comment by Jeremy

Glad I found your blog again, and I’m glad your conference is going well. I thought about blogging the conference I’m at this weekend, but so far I don’t have much of anything positive to say.

Comment by Steve

Oh, and happy birthday. Plaxo tells me it’s your birthday tomorrow 🙂

Comment by Steve

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