Weekend wrap-up

Well, I’m sitting here, finally at a place to unwind a little after the past few days.  They were good, good days, to be sure, but definitely full, and thought-full, and tiring.

The conference was very good.  In some ways, it was a lot like many events I’ve been to over the past eight or nine years – lots of people there, re-thinking church and culture and mission.  There are always a lot of newbies at these events, which can be both exciting and boring at the same time – boring because it seems like I have the same conversations with people over and over about questions being asked, new thoughts being explored, yada yada, but exciting because more and more people are waking up to the broken state of things in Western Christendom thinking, and seeing the Christian religion for what it has become.   I definitely liked that it was more praxis-oriented than idea-oriented.  The ideas and theology and theories are valuable, but most of the presenters here are those who are just walking stuff out in real time.

As usual, the best part of the conference was meeting new people, re-connecting with old friends, and hanging out in the halls.  By the way, Jonathan Brink did a much better job than I did of blogging the conference, so check him out – this was my first shot at trying to live-blog one of these things, and it’s harder than it sounds . . . sorry I wasn’t very good at it.

Our concert at The Purple Door with The Cobalt Season, Mark Scandrette, and Adam Klein was super fun.  They gave us a preview of the new record that’s set to drop on April 18, as well as a good mix from previous and current recorded work.  Johnson, one of our team members at The Purple Door, provided them with a wall of newspaper pages as a background for their projected images.  I absolutely loved seeing people I value and respect so much being able to give voice to their art.  We had a good sized crowd there – kind of a perfect number to fill the room up nice and cozy, without being too jammed up.   Some new friends from the conference came over, as did some friends from the U-District and the rest of Seattle.  We definitely had a good time . . . helped in no small part by the presence of some killer baked goods, courtesy of our very own Lindsay and Ronnie . . . they went down well with the Stumptown espresso shots we were pulling.   Oh yeah, and the whole crowd sang the happy birthday song to me.  Many well-wishers, for whom I’m grateful.

I have a life, rich with relationships – a terrific wife (who Mark Scandrette couldn’t stop raving about – “She’s a completely new person from the last time I saw her!”), a loving and supportive family back in San Diego, friends to share ministry with at The Purple Door, friends to share my cultural context in Seattle with, friends from around the country and world.  It makes getting older worth while.  All of these relationships are a gift from the Creator to me, that locate me within a reality of love and beauty.


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Steve, it was great meeting you. I so wished I could have went Saturday night to the concert.

Comment by jonathanbrink

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