A potentially disturbing side-effect of community
March 3, 2008, 7:03 pm
Filed under: friends, the purple door

I’m on the edge of a momentous decision right now.  I’m getting pressured by the men at The Purple Door.  They are ganging up on me to participate in what seems to be a senseless process of humiliation . . . a little thing called “Mustache March.”

It raises for me one of the unfortunate skeletons in my closet.  Not only did I used to rock a fair mullet, I used to wear a mustache.  I think I finally rid myself of it about ten years ago (in other words, about 6 years too late).  Big bushy thing too . . . think Magnum P.I.

And now, for the sake of the love of my brothers, I’m being coerced.  This may not end well . . .


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oh yeah, you gotta do that… and take several pictures too… and give them to me so I can see them and do other stuff with them… yeah, you definitely have to do it.


Comment by Jeremy

You must do this and there must be proof in pictures. 😉

Comment by Ryan Moore

Ummm, gentlemen, you might think you’re helping, but you’re not. The more you insist, with your cute little winking emoticons, the more I’m sensing the need to find my razor. Oh Lord, help me.

Comment by steve lewis

Oh my dear, sweet brother. I still have to photographic evidence of the ‘stache from the past’ and I vote for a revival of the facial hair! Shall I start the bidding on the photographs now?

Comment by Sister Teresa

Wow. Talk about using your powers for evil . . .

Comment by steve lewis

Who ME??? Come on now, I promise to send all proceeds to the Purple Door….it’s for a good cause.

Comment by Sister Teresa

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