To series or not to series?
March 5, 2008, 1:32 pm
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I’ve been thinking about starting a series of blog posts around a theme.  Or I could do a few themes.  Or I could continue the random, haphazard, disorganized approach to blogging that I’ve done for just shy of six years now.  Some of the more legitimate bloggers out there do themes/series posts . . . but I’ve always seen myself as something short of legitimate.  The theme I’m toying with is “sins of the emerging church.”  I’ve got a few posts worth of things kicking around in my head right now.  Perhaps I’ll give it a go.


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A series sounds good to me. And someone needs to look more at what the emerging church is doing wrong, I feel like too many people look past the faults because of the good that is going on. We still need to be critical.

Comment by Steve

Hey Steve-
I think series interspersed with other posts works really well. Adds some continuity.

Comment by Tyler

You could do it as a once a week kind of thing. That’s what several people I know do, they usually have a “theme” day. That could be when you do your series, whatever that may be.

Comment by Michael

Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!

The crowds in the now removed KingDome are calling your name!

Comment by dockin80

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