It’s a really good kind of tired
March 14, 2008, 7:11 am
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Yesterday turned into quite the marathon day for me – I think I was going for 21.5 hours.  It was cool, though – definitely had a good time.

Our inter::mission evening went well.  I made Mexican Meatloaf, which was, er, interesting.  Not a bomb, not a raving success – it was my first meatloaf of any variety, so I was a little on the nervous side all day.  Fairly good, but if I ever make it again, I’ll definitely be tinkering with the formula.

Jim Henderson and Jason Clark came rolling in, and ate with us.  It was really good to see Jim again – it’s been several months.  And it was terrific to meet Jason – we share some common friends, so it’s good to connect the dots a little.  Jason was only in Seattle for 10 or 11 hours, so we’re really grateful that he spent a few of them with us.

Jim told his story of faith, and how his approach to evangelism has changed.  We had at least a couple atheists in the room, which led to some good, lively discussion.  Both Jim and Jason were terrific at turning the conversation in a relational direction.  Traditional I’m-right-you’re-wrong apologetics isn’t that interesting or helpful, but making friends, and walking together, experiencing life together is.

Jason actually spent a few minutes demonstrating evangelism for us at one point by trying to convert Jim to being a Mac user.  Brilliant.

Jim’s jumping on a plane this weekend to go visit Sunil Sardar, who we’ll be working with in India this summer, so that was a good connection for us as well.

The conversation around the house kept rocking until well after midnight (I left at around 12:45am).  That’s one of my favorite parts of this whole experiment – people enjoying the relationships. 

Off to get things done for today.  Got a group from Hardin Simmons University flying in this evening.  Good times.


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So goo to meet you Steve! I was with Chuck Conniry and he sang your praises, seems you’ve had a big impact in the LEC DMin.

Hope our paths cross again soon!


Comment by Jason Clark

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