Texas college culture
March 18, 2008, 5:38 pm
Filed under: college ministry, culture, the purple door

Tomorrow morning, we say goodbye to the last of three teams of college students that have visited Seattle, and stayed at The Purple Door, while on spring break trips over the past three weeks.  One group was from Minnesota, and two were from Texas.  We have a ton of fun with most of the teams that come hang out with us (even though we all sleep less – including me, who actually lives somewhere other than The Purple Door).

There were several highlights of this time, which I could go into here.  But one oddity I’ve noticed about the state of Texas when it comes to college students, seems worth noting.  The gang signs.  Every college of every size in Texas has some funky little contortion that people put their hands into to represent their school and/or their mascot.  I had been familiar with the famous University of Texas “hook ’em horns” thing, which not-so-vaguely resembles the kind of sign that the metal kids love to throw when Ozzy gets on stage.  But every school in Texas has these things.  From a claw sign to a pistol sign to some little finger configuration that supposed to resemble a rare species of frog.  Not only that, but when you’re talking to one of these students, and you mention another school, they’ll say, “Oh, yeah, xyz school,” and flash that school’s gang sign.  So.  Weird.

Granted, I did my undergrad in SoCal, and at a school that had almost exactly zero sports teams, and no school spirit.  But still, I haven’t noted the pervasiveness of these hand signs for other schools in other regions.

Sorry for the pointless post.  I just had to muse on that for a moment.


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