_____mergents Rise!
March 28, 2008, 7:17 am
Filed under: denomination, emerging church

Over on the Emergent Village blog, there’s a post talking about all the different sub-groups developing either explicitly or in more covert ways under the “emergent” banner.  I’ll let you go check out the many varieties of the ______mergents for yourself.

It does leave me curious about the denomination I’m affiliated with, and it’s multiple similar brother and sister denominations . . . namely, the Baptists.  Normally, I don’t make a habit of outing myself like this.  But I do wonder if there’s a “Baptimergent” collective floating around out there.  My hunch is that a lot of the folks who might be interested in such a conversation are:

a) already of another existing ______mergent persuasion, such as Submergent or Reformergent.

b) are too embarrassed to come out of the closets as Baptist, lest they get laughed at by all the cooler-than-thou emergents.

c) are too scared of denominational blacklisting and/or losing their jobs, to come out of the closets as emergents.

d) are already ambivalent about all the hype around emergent, and would be hesitant to commit to this direction.


There may be some other reasons as well.  But in case this has struck a chord with anyone out there, if you act fast, you can get in on the ground floor!  Got $10 or $20?  I just checked: the URLs for both baptimergent.com and baptimergent.org are up for sale!  You can invite me to the party if you want . . . but in the above multiple choice list, I am at least two, sometimes three of the four, so I might say “Thanks, but no thanks.”


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Do I count as baptimergent if I: left the baptist church I was going to in order to go to a nondenomination church, but applied for a position at a baptist church recently?

Comment by Matt Scott

Well, Matt, like I said, go buy the URL, and you’re as legit as they come!!

I think in the world of _____mergents, you get to be whatever you like! There’s no membership card . . . but I’d be happy to provide you an address where you can send membership dues ; )

Comment by steve lewis

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