inter::mission update
April 4, 2008, 7:40 am
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benhines Last night was our first inter::mission teach-in of the Spring quarter.  It was really good to have everyone around the dinner table again after Spring Break.  It’s amazing to me how even one week off can make it feel like I’m completely out of rhythm with life around The Purple Door.  We laughed a lot over some tacos and some freaky marshmallow pastry thing for dessert.

Our teach-in guest for last night has actually been one of the Purple Door housemates off and on for the past couple of weeks.  His name is Benson Hines, and he’s spent this entire school year on the road, criss-crossing the nation in search of the best college t-shirts.  Actually, he’s doing first-hand research of college ministries.  When he first pulled into town, UW was campus number 85 or 86, but now he’s up to 90.  He’s talking to campus-based ministry leaders, church-based ministry leaders, and he’s getting perspectives from tons of different groups.

We thought it would be good to interview him to share some of what he’s learned from campus cultures, regional cultures within the U.S., and what he’s hopeful about.  One thing I appreciated about his story is that he describes himself as not being a very adventurous or spontaneous guy, but this trip (or, as he likes to say about 16 times per day, “yearlongroadtrip“) has been a good time for him to stretch and grow as he follows Jesus.

Along the way, he’s also visited over 200 churches, so he’s got some observations there, too.  He’s got multiple books worth of experiences that I think will be helpful for people that work with, and care about college students.  He’s an unashamed evangelist for college ministry, and he’s got an infectious enthusiasm.

You can follow his blog here to see where he’s been and where he’s headed.

Our next teach-in will be in a couple of weeks, with Tali Hairston, director of the John Perkins Center at Seattle Pacific University.


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