April 5, 2008, 10:57 am
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Because I tend to listen to a lot of school-related lectures on my iPod, I end up getting pretty backlogged on the unlistened-to podcasts.  I’ve been trying to catch up here and there on some favorites . . . but I find myself most eagerly looking forward to the new editions of three podcasts in particular:


This American Life – I listened to last week’s show (#353) yesterday, and it’s really quite depressing.  If you aren’t disturbed by the Bush administration’s clear demonstration of American empire, you need to listen carefully to this one.  This isn’t a conservative vs. liberal thing, either – this administration has set in motion some very bad precedents that could go badly in the future.  Remember what I said earlier this week – American empire is not our friend.

Speaking of Faith – smart, insightful, and level-headed conversations about religion in our culture.  This week I listened to a very cool show highlighting the Rural Studio, an architectural program of Auburn University.  If you listen to the episode of This American Life I highlighted above, you should listen to this one next as a pick-me-up.  Another good one I enjoyed this week was Reimagining Environmentalism.

Radio Lab – well produced, fascinating stuff, with a good sense of humor.  I don’t have any particular episodes in mind, as I haven’t listened lately.  But it’s worth subscribing to.


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Ahh, I just wrote about this .. i posted my full subscription list. This American Life is a serious rotation one for me..

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