Timely words
April 27, 2008, 11:07 am
Filed under: books, globalization, missiology, theology

We live in a society where debt, which used to be regarded as somewhat sordid and shameful, is glitzy and glamorous, with advertisements telling us that when you own a Mastercard ‘You’ve got the whole world in your hands,’ or alternatively that Visa ‘makes the world go round.’  Both of them make claims for Mammon which, at the theoretical level, conflict directly with the claims of Jesus, and which, in practice, are very obviously lies; and yet millions believe them, and live by them.  At the global level, the problem of debt is notorious and acute, creating misery for millions while it generations millions for a tiny minority . . . I fail to see why the churches as a whole could not, as a matter of preaching the gospel of the crucified and risen Jesus, join together in naming the idol Mammon for what he is, and celebrating the love of God in Christ in his place.

– NT Wright, What Saint Paul Really Said, p. 155 (1997)


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very timely indeed…

Comment by jason

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