inter::mission Road Trip
May 2, 2008, 7:17 am
Filed under: friends, inter::mission, Seattle, the purple door

How far does one have to drive in order to qualify for a road trip?  Does the answer change if there are nine people in two cars?  Does the answer change if there are nine people, two crock pots full of vegetarian chili, three loaves of french bread, and a couple bowls of fruit salad?  Well, in the case of inter::mission, we’re calling it a road trip, which clocked in at a whopping 2.4 miles.  That’s the distance between The Purple Door and The Mustard Seed House.

Last night, we had the great pleasure of spending a couple of hours with the community that lives in this beautiful home.  It has a breathtaking view of downtown to the south, and the Olympic mountains to the west.  But the thing that makes the home beautiful isn’t the architecture or the views, but the people that live in community there.

They’ve chosen a lifestyle of relationships that revolve around prayer, working together as Kingdom conspirators, hospitality, and gardening. Tom and Christine hosted us for our meal together in their living space on the main floor.  The chili was pretty good (even if the cook has to say so himself), and the conversations just took off on their own.  Tom and Christine talked about having recently returned from a trip to Australia, which was fun to hear . . . especially the bit about the Baptist monastery they visited (yeah, I know, “Baptist monastery” sounds like an oxymoron).

Christine (along with some expert help from a bright 5 year old) gave us a tour of the gardens where they do their best to grow 50-60% of their food – tomatoes, cabbage, squash, strawberries . . . they mean business!  Eliacin (a.k.a. magazine cover boy) and Ricci showed us their living space, as did Anneke and Peter.

These folks have developed a rhythm together which was great for us to see firsthand.  As we are still in a development stage with what we’re doing, it was good for us to share time with folks that are farther down the road than we are.  We were grateful for the hospitality shown us.  Sadly, our students are in the middle of midterms at UW, so study time demanded that we not  stay too terribly long, but it was a good time, for certain.


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