It’s a bit busy ’round here
May 13, 2008, 6:49 am
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Sorry for the quiet blog of late.  It seems that multiple things are converging on me at once, which does happen.  Lately I’ve been hunkering down on some school stuff that I just plain need to get out of the way before I plunge headlong into my dissertation writing this summer.  I’m reading hundreds of pages per week for school, and adding some “work” stuff on the pile for good measure.  I love reading and learning, but I do occasionally hit points where the eyes glaze over and I need a break – otherwise, a large chunk of what I’ve read just goes away, for lack of processing.

Over the past weekend, a few of us did some physical training for our upcoming trip to India.  One of the potential activities we’ll be doing in Maharashtra is a 100K solidarity march with the farmers (that’s 62 miles).  Saturday, we walked about 18 miles along the Burke-Gilman trail.  We clocked in at around 7 hours, which includes a stop for lunch.  Sore feet and legs, but I’m pleased that aside from some blisters, we’re feeling pretty good afterwards.

As of one week from today, I’ll spend the better part of two weeks away from home on a couple different trips.  I’m looking forward to both of these a lot, as each will reunite me with people I love and respect and don’t get to see as often as I’d like.  They are both intended to mix work with pleasure . . . I just hope I can dial down my pressure gauge enough to focus on the pleasure part.

All that, and we’re still rockin’ the inter::mission rhythms, and prepping for version 2.0 in the fall.

Mostly boring updates here.  I’m not complaining about being busy – I know plenty of people who have more on their plates than I do.  I’m not bragging about being busy either – sadly, I know some folks who wear their workaholism as a badge of honor.  This is a season I’m in, and I realize it’s unsustainable over the long haul.  Fortunately, I’m not planning a long haul at this pace..


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did you say 62….62 miles? Potential activities…..Can I opt for the water table alongside the road to offer the farmers! Good stuff Steve. Look forward to seeing you at the beach. I do hope it is a little rest before the storm.

Comment by WES

I’m glad to hear things are going along well. I’m hoping to hear good reports in the weeks ahead šŸ™‚

Comment by Michael

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