inter::mission . . . another update
May 16, 2008, 8:13 am
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The days are blowing by me sooooo fast around here. It seems like just a couple days ago, the inter::mission gang was over at The Mustard Seed house. Alas, that was two weeks ago, which means that last night was time for the next teach-in. As we move toward the end of the school year, this was our last time having an outside guest come in to share with us.

jeffgreer My good buddy, Jeff Greer came to hang out with us last night. Jeff’s a church planting, kilt wearing, bartending, U2 loving, singer-songwriter who I met a couple years back. Good man, with a good, honest heart.

He did some of his songs, so it was part music-in, part teach-in. He didn’t sing pretty songs, though. Not that I don’t like Jeff’s voice or guitar work . . . but as he shared with us, the past couple of years have been quite a roller coaster of life for him, with more downs than ups – so the music he played came out of that place. As he talked about these experiences, it was refreshing, if even in a painful sort of way, to hear someone be real enough to say, “Yeah, life’s hard, and I don’t really need to candy coat it or be fake about it. I’m hurting, searching, and feeling a little hung out to dry right about now.” That connected well with our students.

Jeff also talked about the Celtic lifestyle of integration – everything is worship: work, play, family, love. He brings that into music beautifully and turns everything from Muse to The Cure to Coldplay to Deathcab to Ben Harper into real worship of God, except not in a cheesy, Christian ghetto sort of a way.

‘Twas another good evening for us.

(Photo credit to the excellent, and occasional kilt-wearing photographic stylings of Mr. Pat Loughery)


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Dang, sounds like I missed quite a fest. Blessings on Jeff for his honesty and his character. He’s somebody I feel like I click with even though we haven’t spent much time at all together. Must be the kilts.

Comment by Pat

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