Cannon Beach Getaway
May 22, 2008, 5:12 pm
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We (my co-conspirator staffers and I) rolled back into Seattle a couple of hours ago  after spending the past few days on the Oregon coast – Cannon Beach.  We got to attend our collegiate ministry network’s annual retreat for campus ministers and their families.  It’s a gorgeous location, but when I go to these things, I never, ever go sight-seeing.  Too many people I love sharing ministry with, but rarely get to spend time with.  Smiling faces of friends beats large beautiful rocks sticking out of the beach any day.

We were privileged to be joined by Hugh Halter, author of the freshly published book The Tangible Kingdom.  I’m 20 pages away from finishing it, but I’ll plan on posting a quick book review soon.  Hugh is originally from Portland, Oregon, but now lives in Denver, where he helps lead a collective of missional communities called Adullum.  He’s a shoot straight from the hip sort of guy, which makes him refreshing in his honesty.

So much of what he shared is right up the alley of what we’ve been doing this year with inter::mission.  It was good to get affirmed in some of those directions . . . as well as to get my butt kicked in some areas that I give lip-service, but not behavioral service to.  I’ll save the rest of my words on this for the book review.

Yesterday during some free time, I ducked into a little coffee shop to catch up on some e-mail.  I was sitting alone at a table for four, which was fine when I got there, and the place was mostly empty.  After a spell, though, it filled up, so I offered a guy some table space to catch up on his e-mail.  That guy happened to be Organic Church guru Neil Cole, who was there to speak at a church planters training at the same conference center we were at.  I think we have something like 15 common friends, but we’ve never met before, so that was a fun surprise.

But now we’re back, and getting ready for our family meal time at The Purple Door.  I’m tired and have a lot of catching up to do before the next big thing.  At least this time I can say that it’s the good kind of tired.


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On a side note, Sleepy Monk coffee in Cannon Beach is good stuff. Not the best espresso, but their Monastery Blend is amazing. It is the daily coffee of choice at the Cross house.

Comment by Dustin Cross

Since the topic moved to coffee in Cannon Beach :).

Sleepy Monk is great coffee, but unfortunately they are only open a few days a week. I agree on the Monastary Blend though… when you can get it.

For more consistent service, Bella Espresso is a good alternative for a quick espresso. I suspect that is where Steve landed. And it’s conveniently hidden behind one of the best pizza places in North America!

Comment by Jeremy

Ha! I almost replied to Dustin’s comment, but I kinda had a feeling Jeremy wouldn’t take long to chime in!

Sadly, I didn’t have much time to explore and find Sleepy Monk (though I did think about it long enough to frown at the not having time part). Indeed, I was at Bella – conveniently located near the conference center I was at.

Happily, Dustin, Jeremy was generous enough to pick up some of Sleepy Monk’s beans for me on a recent family trip down there, so I’ve not been completely deprived!

Comment by steve lewis

I love the vibe at Bella Espresso. The mural on the wall is awesome. Haven’t tried the pizza but it always smells so good.

We love Cannon Beach. We usually run down about 3x a year.

For those who have not checked it out. On the way to Cannon Beach, stop by Rogue at Pier 39 in Astoria. It’s my favorite brew house in America and is located at the end of Pier 39 in an old industrial compound, literally sitting out in the ocean. It’s also a good place to watch sea lions goof off and enjoy a pint at the same time. Awesome place and awesome food.

Comment by Dustin Cross

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