inter::mission v1, almost in the books
June 6, 2008, 7:07 am
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While we do still have a week to go with the UW school year, last night was slated to be our final teach-in for the year, and in a sense, the closing of inter::mission.  Our culture project in India is definitely a part of the inter::mission process, but it’s also a somewhat separate thing.

As it turns out, multiple schedules were colliding in multiple ways.  At our community meal last night, we had three “new” people with us, and we were missing five of our regulars.  So while we had great conversation well into the evening, it was a bit of a different vibe for us. 

I had scheduled myself in as the teach-in guide for the evening, and had prepared a year end wrap-up session.  A little on the sentimental side, a little on the fun side, a little on the reflective side.  But with so many regulars missing, and new folks in their place, I didn’t the context was quite right for it.  So, I just talked for a few minutes, asked people to pay attention to the people and experiences they’ve valued over the last several months, and keep an eye out of the sappy, sentimental letter I’d be sending everyone in the next day or two.

So there we have it – year one of the inter::mission dream is mostly in the books.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve collaborated with staff, students, myself, Michelle, and hopefully God, over what version 2 of this thing will look like come fall.  Lots of adjustments are ahead for us.  We’re excited about the opportunity to increasingly integrate our core values, and become even more of a family.

I, like many others, am looking forward to the end of the school year, and the slower pace of summer (at least it’ll be slower around The Purple Door).  But I do want to pause and express gratitude to God and the people around me that have made this year a reality.  We’ve had so many encouraging words of support from friends and family, so many prayers offered on our behalf, unexpected gifts of service and love (and cash), a group of trusting and experimental students, wonderful staff people to live the dream with, a guest speaker list that I’m really stoked about.  It’s been good.  Far from perfect, but a gift from God.


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I’m happy that I was a part of the beginning of inter::mission. To see the process and the hard work that it took to get to seeing it happen and being there those first few months is something I feel very blessed. I hope that things go well in India and I look forward to hearing how the planning goes for inter::mission version 2.0 goes this summer 🙂

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