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June 12, 2008, 7:30 am
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I guess it’s a nice sign that a certain someone actually reads my blog.  Michelle – the one everyone keeps congratulating me for marrying up with – noticed my lack of posting here lately.

So this one’s for her:

Ling Really, it is.  That horse is for Michelle.  Just put a check in the mail yesterday.  Our latest addition is a 2 year old, named Darjeeling, or “Ling,” as Michelle likes to call her.  This is an exciting first step for us to get Michelle moving toward her hopeful career as a full time horse trainer.  It’ll be close to another full year before Michelle can put any serious training in, but the plan is to get Ling into shape as a high quality dressage horse.  For now, we just have to figure out how to move a horse from Florida, where she lives now, to Michelle’s folks’ place in SoCal, where Ling will call home for the time being.  I’m definitely stoked for Michelle.  She’s worked very hard for a long, long time to make some real money so I can take lower pay in ministry positions, and go to school.  Now we get to move toward having her chase her dreams for a while.  Good stuff.


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as a Texan and a former rancher I must say that is a damn fine looking horse Steve. Michelle should be proud.

not to sure about that dressage stuff though, i never could get into it. couldn’t find anyplace to hang my rope!

Comment by Dustin Cross

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