Good ‘ol #92
August 4, 2008, 7:18 pm
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For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a big ugly blog post brewing up in me.  But essentially, I keep going back to something I posted back in April, which already says what I want to say.  I don’t recall ever re-posting one of my entries or doing a “Best of SpiritFarmer” thing before . . . until now.  All I can say is that my feelings about this are getting stronger every day, so allow me to reiterate.


I give you The Wacky Emerging Church, Reason #92: Voting for a Democrat for the first time in your life doesn’t mean you’re subversive

In case you’re too busy or lazy to follow the link, here’s the money quote:

[Barack Obama] may be better than what we’ve got now.  Things may improve.  But let’s keep one thing squarely in mind, shall we?  Whether it’s Obama, Clinton, or McCain sitting in the Oval Office one year from now, it will still be nothing more and nothing less than the figure head of an empire.  That empire is not where our hope lies.  That empire is more concerned with wealth and security and “progress” and indulgence, with precious little regard to whose paying the price for these things.  That empire sets itself up as a beacon of hope to the masses, but it has no power to do what this planet needs most.  That empire wants our allegiance above all else, and is willing to manipulate and coerce us into giving it up.

In other words, take it easy on the Kool-Aid, will ya?  That’s all, carry on.


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We shall see…

Comment by strider333

If people in the emerging-from-whatever community are really kingdom focused and try to live into that reality, then Obama’s world-wide popularity should scare the hoo-ha out of them. Why is it that America has to be the world’s authority? I get that the world view of the current administration is negative (you think!), but we don’t need a savior, we already have One. Although it’s probably a good thing that people are concerned about politics for the first time in their life, it’s important to remember that Obama takes money from the same corporations as McCain. I think it’d be good to lay off that punch. A more sustainable approach is to care, but not build up hopes in the next generation of America Empire, but rather hope in following Jesus in his Kingdom teaching.

Comment by Michelle Lewis

Amen. As Compolo once said, it may be the ‘best’ Babylon in the world but it’s still Babylon.

Comment by Christian Beyer

I like this post! A kinder, gentler empire?

Comment by reibwo

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