Another Seattle hot spot
August 6, 2008, 3:17 pm
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I was diving through the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle this afternoon – somewhat enjoying the high 80s heat,  but without the benefit of a functional air conditioner in the 10 year old car.  I was listening to a local chef being interviewed on the public radio station, and he mentioned this new ice cream shop in town called Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream.  This about the fifteenth time I’ve heard about this place, and I’ve driven by it a few times and seen the line of people out the door and down the block.

Completely coincidentally (I swear!), as I drove through Wallingford on 45th, there it was – Molly Moon’s . . . but this time, without the line of people.  Some magical combination of the heat, the radio review, and my own recollection of seeing the buzz around this place made me stop.

I walked out with a Cardamom shake.  Mmmmmmm.  If you’re a Seattle local, or going to be visiting Seattle any time soon, you gotta check this place out.  Very unique flavors, all local ingredients, all organic stuff, all of their paper products are compostable, and Molly (yes, Molly Moon is the real name of the owner) takes good care of her employees

The shop’s only been open for a few months, but I have a feeling they’re going to do just fine.


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The balsamic strawberry ice cream is delicious… the strawberries are fresh and the balsamic adds a well-balanced bite… mmm. I’m going for the Honey Lavender next time I’m in there.

BTW, if you are wanting to go o a full sugar and fat overload while in Wallingford, I would highly recommend heading east one block and across the street to http://www.trophycupcakes.com/.

It’s probably good I live on the Eastside.

Comment by Jeremy

It’s supposed to cool down here to the high 80s the next few days. I miss Seattle summers. Glad you found another cool spot.

Comment by Michael


Ah, yes, I’ve been to Trophy, for a staffer’s birthday a couple months ago. Talk about a sugar rush! Probably a little too intense for me. If I ever went back there, I’d have to share about 2/3 of it with someone else, and make sure to have a good Americano close at hand.

Comment by steve lewis

I’m coming up to Seattle for the first time in late September, both for my 3rd anniversary and to see Lila Downs on the 25th. She’s featured in this amazing film I had a screening of down here in CA called What About Me http://www.whataboutme.tv This place sounds awesome, I’ll make sure to give it a visit. Do they have any non dairy options? My absolute favorite these days is Coconut Bliss ice cream, which is equal to or better than it’s milk based counterparts. They’re out of Eugene, OR.

Your mention of compostable paper reminded me about these kick ass plates from Verterra I recently got. They’re made from one ingredient: leaves. That’s it. No binder (aka glue) to give them form. And yet they’re quite tough, washable (used mine 10x now), and (they claim) usable for baking. And they look quite keen too. Dang! If you want to check them out, see http://www.verterra.com

See you in September!

Comment by Paul Smith

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