Mid-summer inter::mission Update
August 6, 2008, 2:44 pm
Filed under: college ministry, inter::mission, school, the purple door

intermission logo 2 color While the first week of August means that a lot of  universities are gearing up for students coming back to their campuses, in the University of Washington community, we’ve still got some time.  School doesn’t kick off here until September 24.  So, our days are still a bit slower-paced than normal, which in my case means a couple of things: one, I get to go home and see my wife almost every evening, rather than stay in the U-District  late into the evening; two, I get to work on my doctoral dissertation.  Oi – not so sure that second one is a better alternative to hanging out with college students!

Anyway, lately, my days have been filled with the fun of building maintenance projects at The Purple Door.  Plumbing, furnishing, carpeting, window repair, cleaning out the refrigerators and freezers.  This is the stuff nobody tells you about in seminary.  It’s o.k., though, because the work needs to get done, and I’d rather do it during the slow summer months than when we’re in the middle of things in October.

I also spend a good bit of my time prepping for inter::mission 2.0.  Setting up calendars and teaching schedules, talking with prospective students, reviewing some of the adjustments we need to make.  It gets me really excited, and eager to get going.  We’ve definitely had a great summer in terms of the number of students who have heard about us (entirely through word of mouth – we’ve done no marketing) and want to join up.  The Purple Door is gonna get a lot cozier than last year!  Our men’s floor is completely full (including a couple of double occupancy rooms), and we only have one or two more slots available on our ladies’ floor.  Last year we had to work really hard to get half the number of students – but now that we’ve got a year under our belts, the word is out, and people are coming to us.  That’s a very encouraging thing – but I have to say, I’ve already had to turn a couple of guys away, which isn’t fun.

I’ve only started putting our teach-in schedule together for this next year.  We had a great experience with our guests last year, and it’ll be hard to top that in terms of quality.  With that said, I’m super stoked about getting off to a good start. One of our first guests for the school year ahead will be Todd Hunter.   He’s had an incredible impact on my life, and I can’t wait to share that experience with our students.  If someone made me choose whether to have Todd or Bono in for a teach-in, I can’t say with confidence who I’d pick – it would be a hard choice.  I’ve had some conversations with other folks for teach-ins as well, some of whom will be sure to rock the house – I’m thinking we’re gonna have a good year.


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