Another book I need to re-read
August 30, 2008, 1:17 pm
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I’m doing some research and writing today, which has me buried in a book I read about three years ago.  It’ The Cross-Cultural Process in Christian History by Andrew Walls.  I remembered it being good, but now I’m thinking it needs to be on the short list of books I go back to every year or two.

A couple of choice quotes for you:

No one is saved through Christianity – though it may be possible to be damned through it.  (p. 9)

The purpose of theology is to make or clarify Christian decisions.  Theology is about choices; it is the attempt to think in a Christian way.  And the need for choice and decision arises from specific settings in life.  In this sense, the theological agenda is culturally induced; and the cross-cultural diffusion of Christian faith invariably makes creative theological activity a necessity.  (p. 79)


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Please post a review. What is meant by cross-cultural? Does it address more the spreading Christianity, or its evolution?
Thank you.
Jonathan Kroner

Comment by Jonathan Kroner, JD, MBA

The first quote you have listed really catches my attention. Any way you can share a little context as to how the author is coming to that stance? I have never heard of the book, but I like it already!

Comment by rexhamilton

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