Women in Leadership
September 1, 2008, 6:40 am
Filed under: politics

Another post on politics . . . On Friday, I, like other USAmericans followed the news story about John McCain’s pick for his Vice Presidential running mate, Sarah Palin.  I was listening to a local public radio station’s conversation, when the host read a glowing statement about Palin from Richard Land, the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.  Then I saw the following video of Land on Fox News (HT: W. David Phillips):

While making the point repeatedly that he doesn’t endorse candidates, Land lets it slip that the McCain campaign called him for some recommendations for the VP pick, and that Palin was his suggestion.  This is interesting for a couple of reasons.  First, if McCain followed his advice, isn’t that kinda sorta like an endorsement?  Second, if a political party is calling you for advice like this, you might double check which kingdom you’re beholden to.

The third observation comes from my smarter-than-me-wife.  While Land talks in this video about how very excited all the evangelical Christian women in his life are about Sarah Palin, it doesn’t seem to square with a typical Southern Baptist stance on women in leadership.  Land himself, got into a pretty public tiff with former President Jimmy Carter a few years ago over the issue of women in leadership, insisting that the Bible designates certain roles to women, and those don’t include pastoral leadership.  But what about political leadership?  Apparently, Land has no problem with a woman commander in chief . . . just as long as she doesn’t include scripture in her speeches, because that might be too close to teaching – then we’d have issues. 


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