Born Again Church Tour
September 5, 2008, 11:03 am
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  I’m already looking forward to Off The Map‘s annual foray into creative disruption – this year, they’re doing the Born Again Church Tour.  It’ll be in multiple cities this year, but the Seattle dates are October 10-11.  As usual, they’ve got some outstanding speakers lined up, and it’s always entertaining.  If you’re anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, you should make an effort to be there.

Of course, I could rave on and on about the great speakers, but the truth is, if this year is like every other year, I won’t even hear most of them.  Naw.  I always end up talking in the hallways with so many people that I don’t make it in to the sessions.  I’ve heard they’re great, though.

I’ll be there, and I’ll be bringing some co-workers, students, and colleagues.  More good stuff to come . . .


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Steve, thanks for posting about the Born Again Church Tour. By the way we have a facebook page for the Seattle Born Again Church Tour.

Comment by Helen

Born agains are freaks plain and simple.

They have been brainwashed to the point they will lie, cheat, and sneak to get what they want in business, with friends and family, and slaughter you with THEIR view of the Bible. They prey on the under educated (Africa is a favorite target), jail birds (meetings with those in jail), naive teens in their development stages of making informed judgments, and anyone else who is an easy target. They are as dangerous to a society as Hitler’s Gestapo was in Europe.

When you run into one, don’t be nice since that is one of their sneaky tactics and run as far way from them as you can. If you are in a store or in line to purchase something, drop it and tell the manager on your way out you don’t want to shop there because of Born Again freaks solicitation on their premise.

The born again club/society has gone far enough. Since they are brainwashed to the danger point, it is hard to stop them. Any engagement with them is usually fruitless because they are so clever and manipulative. You can not trust them in any way, form shape, or matter. Period.

Comment by Truth Be Told

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