Recession Preparedness
September 8, 2008, 7:52 am
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Last night, Michelle and I had the pleasure of attending a brainstorming session hosted by the Mustard Seed Associates.  It was an experimental session to creatively bring people together around the issue of the economic recession.  From the handout we were given:

“One of the surprising positive side effects of the devastation of [Hurricane] Katrina three years ago is that numbers of churches and denominations have developed very sophisticated disaster preparedness strategies.  In fact, surprising numbers of churches were ready for Gustav.  But we haven’t been able to identify any churches that have developed recession preparedness strategies as we head into uncertain economic times . . .”

This is an issue that is increasingly important with rising costs of food and fuel, as well as the mortgage crisis taking place.  More and more people at all economic levels will experience difficulty.  Even people who are in comfortable middle class, seemingly secure situations may only be one health issue, one car accident, one natural disaster away from financial crisis.

We enjoyed a terrific dinner, prepared primarily by Tom Sine (though I happen to know he had a bit of help).  Then we did some introductions, and split up into three different work groups – one discussing preparedness for urban poor, one discussing middle-class preparedness, and one discussing church preparedness.  The discussions were geared to developing practical approaches to helping people, helping churches, and helping people help other people and churches.

I, and several others blogged extensively on a similar theme a few months ago, though with a bit less of a practical angle.  Go here for a collection of links for all the blog posts.  I really appreciated MSA’s vision for dealing proactively with these things.  They will be publishing the collected thoughts from these work groups in a future issue of their e-zine, Seed Sampler.

Hats off to the MSA team.  May the conversation continue.


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Wow! Kudos to all of you. Sounds really great. Can’t wait to hear more from this.

Comment by j evans

Dude, Michelle rocks! I loved her having her in my group; her insights were highlights in our conversation.

Comment by Dustin

Thanks for sharing! I live in Austin, TX and am amazed by the lack of information that is available for people on recession preparedness… ie: mortgages, emergency planning/exit strategies, owning a home/when is a good time to sell if you’ve been unemployed for a long period of time… what do you do if you’ve run out of money and where do you live? I would love to see more information from bankers, real estate brokers, and lawyers.

Thanks for being proactive. I found the links super helpful. I appreciate knowing more about the Mustard Seed Associates.

Comment by kieve

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