Telling God what God should be doing – when, where, and how
September 11, 2008, 8:49 pm
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I seem to be completely hammered busy these days – so much so that I am having a hard time coming up with my own words to blog . . . my words are being spent on other writing projects at the moment.  So in place of my words, here are some that are better anyway.  I read the following just now, and almost laughed out loud, because it very closely describes an effort by one of my denomination’s mission agencies over the past seven or eight years – tens of millions of dollars has been spent on some special targeted projects in North American cities.  They still do this stuff.  The funny thing is, Roland Allen wrote these words over 80 years ago!

Our love of organization leads us to attempt to fix the place where, and the time at which, and the men by whom, a spiritual movement is to take place. We fix the place. We choose what we call a strategic centre and plant there our buildings and our institutions. There the spiritual movements must take place if we are to be in any way the agents of it. The organization binds us to that place, and there we must stay so long as those buildings stand, and the posts remain open. The society organization demands it. Here is a station; it must be occupied: here is a post vacant; it must be filled. That is quite reasonable if we are dealing with organization for ends which we understand and the means to attain which are more or less in our power; but is a spiritual movement of that character? For spiritual work spiritual organization is necessary; but can we create a spiritual organization of spiritual forces? Only a divine intelligence can do that.

– From Roland Allen, “The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church”


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your recent posts about Allen’s book has me very excited to read it! I’m waiting for it and several other copies to come in the mail…can’t wait. I think it will be very timely for me personally. Thanks for sharing this.

Comment by rexhamilton

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