The Empire of Greed
September 24, 2008, 8:22 pm
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It’s nice to know, in the middle of a presidential election campaign, who/what is really in charge around here.  The almighty dollar.  For years, we’ve been told to drink from the fountain of never-ending economic expansion – “buy more houses and cars and HDTVs for more money, but with less money. Don’t quit spending, whatever you do, because (wait for it, you know what’s coming . . .) if you stop spending money, the terrorists win.  Those nasty fascist religious wingnuts hate our consumeristic decadence, do they?  Well they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  We’ll prove exactly how much more consumeristic and decadent we can get.”  Why?  Because it’s the patriotic thing to do. 

I”m proud to be an American* / Where at least I know I’m free**.”

I sat in my car today yelling at the radio as the Speaker of the House gave an absolutely idiotic interview blaming all that’s wrong with the economy on the President and his failed policies, as though her Congress and her party’s previous President had no complicity at all.  An hour or two later, I sat in my car a second time (different car trip, thankfully) and yelled at the radio as the President tried to convince me that too many people bought too many cars and houses they couldn’t afford, so our economy went into the tank . . . never admitting for a minute that he’s the one that told us incessantly to keep spending.

Regular readers of this blog are likely sick of reading my rants against the false hope of the current presidential candidates.  I’m sorry, really.  I just don’t want myself, or those that give a rip what I think to get lulled into the illusion that we’ll be stunningly better off come January.  Why anyone would expect that there will be no negative consequences for our gluttonous consumption is beyond me.  The only thing that surprises me about any of this economic meltdown stuff is that so many people ARE surprised by it.  I’m no genius, but I can add – I’m just sayin’.



*”American” refers strictly to full citizens of the United States of America, and NOT the pseudo-American countries of Canada, Mexico, or all those other crazy cocaine-factory countries below Mexico.

**Free offer based on credit approval.  Offer not valid in all 50 states, regions along the Mexican border, or Native American reservations.  Some restrictions apply, including future foreclosure and/or repossession, long term high interest credit debt, and “economic stimulus recapture” enacted on your children and/or grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren should the Republic survive.


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Yes, this is because you live in a capitalist society. I think the freedoms and liberties we have are worth the bad side-effect of over-spending. In the century our over-spending is driving the world economy- towards higher quality of life for may nations. And let us not forget that we over spend every day. You bought a home and took out a mortgage- and you are able to enjoy all that comes along with it. I agree the pendulum may have swung a little too right, but I would much rather live in a society where I can choose my religion, job, friends, and hobbies, over a government run intituation that “protects” the people and “provides” for their basic needs- like sweat shops and child labor. A little balance here, huh?

Comment by Michelle Lewis

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