Hey all you Palin haters . . .
October 3, 2008, 7:54 am
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Just a question here – do you believe the old PR / Advertising / Marketing cliche that says, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?” 

The VP debate yesterday had people all over the place GLUED to TVs and interweb videos.  The Twittersphere was totally out of control with comments. 

A week ago, when the actual presidential candidates were debating, I was at The Purple Door, and there were four students in front of the TV – three of them were talking about unrelated stuff so much that the one student who actually cared about the debate left the room to go watch it somewhere else uninterrupted.  Yesterday, when the would-be VPs took the stage, there were no less than 15 students all huddled around our pathetically small TV.  Tearing them away for our weekly community meal time made me feel like I was telling an emerging church pastor that strange facial hair, funky glasses, and Celtic knot tattoos aren’t as cool as they think.

I’m gonna go way out on a limb here, and suggest that this excitement and chatter was NOT because everyone was all geeked up over Joe Biden.

After some interviews last week with one of the candidates, and a couple Saturday Night Live sketches about that same candidate, I genuinely think people were just giddy over the possibility that Sarah Palin would pull some kind of gaffe, so we could all have a big laugh over it.

But back to the question – is there such a thing as bad publicity?  If not, as the cliche suggests, then all you Palin love-to-haters are, well, let’s face it . . . you’re suckers.  Sorry, I don’t mean to offend.  But all this chatter about how incompetent she’d be, and how many boneheaded things she says, is just feeding the machine.  Don’t you think that there are some Republican strategists that just love how people can’t stop talking about Sarah Palin?  Even if they’re not saying flattering things, they’re still talking about her.  Heck, here I am calling all you folks out for talking about her, and what am I doing right now?  Making you think more about her.

Full disclosure here: I did not watch the debate, have watched/read/listened to exactly zero post-debate analyses, but have watched the SNL sketches (and laughed much), and I have written the word “Palin” in at least one Twitter update of my own.  I don’t know who I’m voting for (but it won’t be based on the VPs), and don’t think there’s much difference between any of the four Pres./VP options . . . all figure heads of empire.

Oh, one other thing . . . I’m almost as sick of hearing the phrase “a heartbeat away from the Presidency” as I am the word “nucular.”


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FWIW, I’m not a Palin “hater”. Quite frankly I don’t hate anyone…

I must say I was suprised by how coherent she was in the debate lastnight since her 3 prior interviews with Couric were a bit of a train wreck in logical diction. Speaking of train wrecks… I believe most of Americans huddled around their TV sets lastnight for the same reason most of them watch NASCAR or UFC. We have evolved into a culture of bread and circuses. We look for entertainment, not substance. We hear everything in soud-bites and make decisions on “how comfortable we are with how they look”. We tuned into the debate to see if she would sound ridiculous or if Joe Biden would put his foot in his mouth. We tuned in for the same reason we watch bloopers shows and Japanese game shows… to see someone else fail on a larger scale so we feel normal in our own failure. It’s easier to not deal with life that way… and the media makes it so easy. We find a negative connection in not-so-healthy ways.

And speaking of connected. When it comes to Palin, I’m a bit concerned that people are connecting with her folksy talk and “down-home” personality rather than the intellect she brings to the Vice Presidency. I, for one, want a President and Vice President that are smarter than me… not just like me. These people have to make tough decisions and navigate international relationships for our country. They need to be smart… not “Joe Six Pack”.

Whether a VP is “a heartbeat away…” is not completely irrelevant – but it still is not the point. The fact that we are talking about a VP candidate in terms of publicity and strategy is pretty sad IMHO. This should be someone who brings stability to the executive branch rather than flash and pizazz. If an unfortunate sitation were to arise and this person became the leader of our nation, it would be due to a horrible national tragedy. We need a stable person who can pick up where one person left off and both lead and help smooth the tragedy of death for a nation. Even besides that, the VP is a person who largely dictates much of our perceptions around the world as a figurehead of the American government. I have to think about these things when considering my vote.

Yeah, they are making me think about her… and listen to her… and make up my mind. You are right that they are all figure heads of empire. That empire happens to be the empire I live under and the government that will dictate the environment and culture I seek to serve God under. I want to have as much of a say in defining the characters at the top as I can.

Comment by Jeremy

Well said Jeremy.

Perhaps I should edit that title – I meant “haters” with a slight twist (like a hip-hop poseur twist). I didn’t mean people who *actually* hate Palin.

Comment by steve lewis

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