Thanks for the bailout, can I have another?
October 10, 2008, 11:23 pm
Filed under: money, spiritual formation

I’ve been too busy to follow the markets much this week, except to note that they’re going down and down and down.  I’ve blogged negatively about some of my thoughts on this . . . mostly in a cranky sort of way.

So how about this for a change of pace?  Perhaps one of the most Jesus-y responses to all of this financial chaos, uncertainty, and fear is to do something completely counter-intuitive.  We are the wealthy young rulers, right?  Selling all our posessions and giving the money to the poor is unlikely.  But what if we took on a challenge, and looked at the Dow Jones Industrial Average chart over the past thirty days?  And whatever the percentage of loss turns out to be (note: I have not even looked at this myself), we commit to giving that same percentage of our gross monthly income to the poor?  That’s an over-and-above commitment to what we’re already giving to churches, non-profits, etc.

This meltdown is likely to pinch all of us . . . but what about those on the bottom of this economic system?  Whose going to look out for them, while the rest of us are looking out for ourselves, and the corrupt CEOs that we’ve been bailing out?

Maybe we could turn this painful time into a time of joyful generosity.  Just a thought.


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