A new day
November 5, 2008, 8:02 am
Filed under: culture, globalization, politics, social action

During the election season, I posted a few times about my ambivalence toward this  year’s presidential election, stating repeatedly that in all the hype and emotion regarding the changes ahead, we as followers of Jesus must not forget where our highest allegiance lies.  And while that is still firmly in my mind, I feel the need to congratulate USAmerica for making a really important step last night.  The truth is, Jesus can’t be president, so someone else has to be.  As I watched the reaction to Obama’s victory on TV last night, I was pleased.  This historic time for us brings up the pain of our national sins, but does so in a way that demonstrates a spirit of redemption.  Our standing in the world just shot up – for the right kinds of reasons.

Economic disparity will persist, the terrorists will continue to hate “us,” and transnational corporations will still hold the reigns of power.  We need to keep in mind that nearly half of the people in this nation did not vote for Obama.  And frankly, I hope that on January 21, all the Christians who did so enthusiastically endorsed Obama, will be ready to hold him to his campaign promises, call him to even higher standards, and protest with righteous indignation if he gets caught up in petty political partisanship that fails to address real issues of justice.  But that part comes later.

For now, we can celebrate.  We do so with a view toward the Kingdom that is yet to come in all its fullness, and we pray for a vision and reality of earth as it is in heaven.  But we can hold our heads high.


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