inter::mission update . . . a week overdue
November 14, 2008, 9:00 am
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As I mentioned in yesterday’s non-post, I was away for almost a week, so I wasn’t able to do my usual write-up on our latest inter::mission teach-in.  I usually write these things on a Friday morning, so conveniently enough, here I am . . .

Last Thursday, The Purple Door was pleased to host Eliacin Rosario-Cruz, his wife Ricci Kilmer, and their two children for dinner and our teach-in.  It was soup night – we made some vegetable and some corn chowder.  They showed up early and hung out in the kitchen as we were finishing preparations.

Eliacin and Ricci live in community at the Mustard Seed House, along with two other couples, and work together with Mustard Seed Associates.  Last year, the inter::mission gang was able to make a visit there to enjoy a meal, so several of our folks had already met them.  They spoke with us about what living in community means for them – the way they integrate spiritual rhythms, work, family life, gardening, and play.  Ricci talked about living with a mind toward simplicity, and how that challenges our western consumeristic culture.

Another aspect of living in community that Eliacin hit on is the way that it shapes faith.  Having been raised in Puerto Rico, he learned about the power of communities in shaping vision and values and even lifestyles that can create counter-cultural movements toward change.  Interestingly, though intentional communities as spiritual expression may be a relatively new and somewhat hip thing for us in the wealthy West, Eliacin noted that the choice between communal and private approaches to faith is only available here.  In most of the world, communal faith is the norm – mostly  because it has to be.  Here, we have to somehow become “enlightened” enough and be willing to “sacrifice” enough before we discover the value that sharing life and faith together provides.

Our inter::mission students enjoyed having Ricci and Eliacin, but also really loved having Catie (who turned six years old yesterday) and Gabriel with us.  They played quietly as mom and dad talked, and demonstrated how everyone has a part in community.  Catie told us about her part of the Mustard Seed House garden, and a few things about fairies too!


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I think you focused your post on the wrong members of the family, after all I bet you that 98% of the people there forgot what Ricci and I said, but most definetely remember Catie and Gabriel very well.

Comment by eliacin

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