Long overdue update
January 28, 2009, 8:09 am
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Well, it’s been riculously long since I’ve written a real post about anything – in particular anything that’s going on in my world.  I do intend to get back on the blogging wagon, but I think it may take a little while to catch up.  This is because I want to be thoughtful about how I do this.  I’ve noticed that since Twitter came into my life, a lot of the short, quick take things I used to blog are now ending up there instead of here.  That’s fine, but there’s a hidden implication – when I do blog something, it tends to be several paragraphs in length, and a lot of blog readers just don’t have the patience for that.  So, I’m going to work on posting mainly short items, with an occasional longer treatment of something if I feel like drilling down.

By way of categorizing things that have happened in my personal world since I last really wrote an update:

– Michelle and I went to San Diego for Christmas.  Saw lots of family and friends.

– Shortly after the Christmas holiday break, I completed a draft of my doctoral dissertation for review by my academic advisor.  I await feedback and editing requests, but the big beast of a project is largely complete.

– Shortly after I turned in said dissertation draft, my trusty laptop, which had been giving me many fits for the previous few months finally crashed on me enough times that I went and bought a new computer.  Much to the delight of many of my friends, and the chagrin of other friends, I bought a MacBook, and not another PC.  Whatever.

– Since I don’t have a dissertation keeping me busy, I’ve taken on some projects around the house that have been perpetually on the back burner.

– I’ve been scheduling out some inter::mission teach-ins.  Really excited about a few of them that are on deck.

– Michelle and I are trying to prepare ourselves for several weeks of a higher-maintenance-than-usual life with a dog.  Tomorrow, we take Maui in for the doggy version of an ACL surgery.  She’ll be in a puppy cast for like six weeks, and then we’ll have to rehab her for another six weeks.  Did I mention that our house has stairs?  Should be lovely.

– Since I’m trying to get a fresh start, I popped a new WordPress theme on here.  I’ve spent very little time, and intend to do a bit more, editing blogroll links, widgets, etc.  I’ll try to make the thing look and function better for those of you who still visit the site, rather read through a feedreader.

O.k., so there are some other items as well, but this post is already breaking the “short items” blog post rule.  To those of you who have regularly checked in despite the lack of updates, my apologies and my thanks.  You both mean a lot to me.


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steve, I’m a new church planter in Portland and was told to look you up. Would love to meet you over coffee some time when we are in the same area.

clay holcomb

Comment by clay holcomb

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