25 Random Things Meme
February 21, 2009, 9:54 am
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I usually avoid doing these things, but I did give in to peer pressure this time around.  I’ve cross-posted this from my Facebook page.

25 Random Things About Me

1. My resume includes these jobs: pastor, barista, cook, parking attendant, music journalist, and puppeteer.
2. I have been to 44 states in the U.S.  I do not remember all of them.  I have been to either Vermont or New Hampshire, but not both . . . and I can’t remember which.
3. In college, I was accused by my conservative friends of being liberal, even though we all knew it wasn’t really true.  I am now actually liberal in many ways I was only accused of being.
4. If I could choose contestants in a celebrity death match, I would put Ben Affleck in a cage with Matthew McConaughey.  I would cheer for them to both lose.  I have liked both in certain roles in certain movies, but seeing their names on a movie poster makes me automatically less likely to see the film.
5. Rock music was considered evil in my home growing up, therefore I am mostly ignorant of “classic rock” between about 1970 to about 1982.  I feel an alternating mixture of relief and sadness about this fact.
6. I secretly hope to write and rehearse material, and do stand up comedy at a comedy club open mic night.  Once.
7. I have enjoyed watching American Chopper and Project Runway . . . for the exact same reason.
8. I have a brain disorder which causes me to get songs stuck in my head – whether I know lyrics or not, whether I have even heard the whole songs or not.  This happens to me no less than 10 times per week.  Usually with songs I dislike.
9. I can be obsessive about ink pens.  I hate losing or breaking them.  I like to buy a new pen and write with it until it is completely out of ink.  It feels like I’ve accomplished something.  I clearly have low standards of accomplishment in life.
10. I am deeply embarrassed to admit that I have never seen U2 live.  Some day I’m going to hear they’re playing a show in Cleveland or Tucson or San Antonio, buy a plane tickets, go there, and pay way too much for scalped tickets to see the concert.
11. On beautiful weather days, when I have an hour of down time, I enjoy going outside to smoke my pipe.  Because it requires down time and beautiful weather at the same time, I do not often smoke my pipe . . . I live in Seattle.
12. I have a low-grade allergy to avocados.  This does not affect my love for guacamole.  My mouth and throat get itchy, but it is so totally worth it.
13. I am a people pleaser.  It is not o.k. (for me) for people to dislike me.
14. I am not a patriotic USAmerican.  I have respect and gratitude for those who have served this country in sacrificial ways. I happily pay my taxes and receive the benefits of living here.  I think our system of government is imperfect, but a really good idea. . . . but . . .
15. I think USAmerica is arrogant in many ways, and has used greed as much as guns to assert power in the world.  We have some disturbing double standards when it comes to “justice.”
16. I spend as much time reading news reports from Al Jazeera and BBC as I do from any USAmerican news source.
17. Despite the previous three items, I am not cranky about politics (am I?).
18. I am a complete cheapskate when it comes to clothing.  If it’s not on the clearance rack, it’s probably not coming home with me.
19. I have seen the championship game in an MLB World Series.
20. I have spent time in two King County jails.
21. I used to wear an eyebrow ring.
22. I used to think it was very strange that my grandparents grew up without television.  The college students I work with now likely think it is strange that I grew up without computers and the internet. It is now so much a part of life, that I also think it is strange.
23. I like hats of many kinds.  Sadly, I do not look good in hats of many kinds.  Baseball caps and some cowboy hats are the only kind I look good in.  But I am not a cowboy, so I do not wear cowboy hats.
24. I am a California driver.  This often presents problems in Washington and Oregon.
25. I am very close to completing a doctoral degree, but cannot imagine a scenario in which I will feel comfortable being called Dr. Lewis.  Even typing and reading that looks weird and wrong to me.


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