My shampoo has a carbon footprint
February 23, 2009, 4:01 pm
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O.k., completely random post here, but hey, it’s better than nothing . . . and it is, after all, my blog, so I get to do these things every once in a while.

I was musing this morning, wondering what the environmental impact of my shampoo is.  Beyond the plastics it takes to make the bottle, beyond the packaging the shampoo comes in, and beyond the fossil fuels it takes to deliver my shampoo from manufacturer to market to my shower, the shampoo I use has a carbon footprint.

I have a strange little scalp condition.  It’s not infectious or out of control.  But I do have to use a medicated shampoo once or twice per week.  The main ingredient of this shampoo?  Coal tar.  Mmmmm, lovely, eh?  No coconut, strawberry, or melon fragrances, either.  Just this thick sludge of coal tar – I mean, I wouldn’t want anything to interrupt the healing powers of a West Virginia mine, would I?  Therefore, it smells about like you’d think coal tar should.

So am I environmentally irresponsible?


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Go Zero… shave your head.

Comment by Jeremy

Ha! I’m totally not shaving my head. It’s not that I don’t want to be like you or anything . . . it’s just that I’ve got a way nasty scar on the back of my dome. If I shaved my head, your children would run away screaming every time they saw me.

Comment by steve lewis

Nah, carbon-neutral unless you burn the shampoo 🙂

Comment by Geektronica

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