March 7, 2009, 9:33 am
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I’m here in San Diego, enjoying family and friends.  Last night, over at the Hawthorn House, I had good conversations around the fire out back with fellow travelers.  I won’t take the time to name drop in this post, but we laughed a lot.  As the night wound down, and only a few of us still there, we talked briefly about the whole emerging church thing.  We’ve all walked that road for several years now.  The funny thing, though, was that rather than comparing notes on which emerging church bloggers we follow and who we’re connecting with on the web (which is what we used to do early on), and which conferences we’re going to, we compared notes on how long it’s been since we’ve visited certain emerging church websites that we used to congregate around.  Months, years.  Seems like we’re post-emerging now.  I think that’s a very good sign.


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Steve – It was nice to finally meet you in person! I definitely enjoyed hanging out (even if it was just for a bit). Sunny San Diego’s always here for you 🙂

Comment by daniel so

Share our love, yo…

Comment by Ryan Sharp

Glad to hear more people moving on from emergent. Hopefully being post emergent is more about doing and less about talk. Not that we shouldn’t keep sharing ideas and thinking out loud with each other, but it definitely has to be more than that.

Comment by Steve Wiltjer

Thanks for the comment Steve. Just for clarity, within the relationships I’m talking about here, there’s been much more of an emphasis on praxis than talk from very early on. The talking part was helpful, but it was way more than just that. Also, in case there’s a need for more clarity, I’m not talking about the brand “Emergent” – I didn’t use that term, you did.

Again, thanks.

Comment by steve lewis

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