Major League Soccer in Seattle
March 19, 2009, 7:14 am
Filed under: Seattle, soccer

While the rest of the country gets geeked up about the NCAA Basketball tournament, I’m excited about tonight’s inaugural game for the Seattle Sounders FC.  I grew up playing baseball and baseball only.  But at the age of 15, my very small private school’s soccer team desperately needed bodies just to be able to field a full team.  A few of my best friends were on the team, and I knew that this might be my only shot at lettering in a sport, so I jumped in.  I stumbled my way through, playing defense my first year, given that I had exactly zero ball handling skills.  But I fell in love with it, and worked extra time in order to be ready for my senior year.  I got good enough to move to midfield and have a little more impact on scoring, etc.  Ever since then, I’ve loved the game.  Tonight’s game is sold out, so I won’t be joining in the revelry in person.  But, I’ll definitely be going to a game or two this season.  I’d consider buying a team jersey, except I don’t like the idea of paying 90 bucks to be a walking billboard for X-Box.  I’ll probably settle for a scarf or a sweatshirt.


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I thought about buying a jersey too but 90 bucks is a little too steep for me. Hopefully at some point the price will get to be a reasonable price. Maybe in the store it might be cheaper.

Comment by Michael

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