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May 22, 2009, 9:18 am
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Quick post here.  I haven’t paid a tremendous amount of attention to politics lately.  But I’ve heard enough to know there’s been some back and forth between President Obama, and former VP Dick Cheney.  I retain my usual ambivalence about nationalism and politics here, so I’m not going to take sides, but my question goes a little something like this:

If Cheney were so interested in continuing to speak out on issues, as he’s been doing, why didn’t he simply run for President? That would have given him lots and lots of airtime.  For him to be publicly contentious right now makes me think, “You had your turn.  You had the opportunity to try for another turn and didn’t take it.  So please, really, just go away.”


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Keep in mind that Cheney was invited to speak at the convention at which he was quoted. He didn’t call a Press Conference or stand on a street corner on a soapbox. I don’t think he’s any more or less publicly contentious than other former politicians at large from Pres. Carter to Colon Powell to hundreds of other military officers, senators, etc., etc. AND the biggest point of all is that the media is the machine behind all of this – they have to do their job in creating controversy or they’ll be in the unemployment line with the rest of ‘us.’

Comment by Sister Teresa

Keep in mind that the media is the big machine that decided to report Cheney’s speech (a speech he was invited to give for some convention, not by calling a Press Conference or doing a soapbox session on a street-corner). I recognize that your time is too valuable to actually read the transcripts of both the Obama and Cheney speech but if you’re interested, there is a US News & World Report summary that might be of slight interest (or not): http://www.usnews.com/blogs/mary-kate-cary/2009/05/22/cheneys-compelling-human-speech-was-better-than-obamas-boring-legal-seminar.html

Comment by Sister Teresa

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